If it smolders  

and it doesn’t get you down, 

easily and forcefully 

breath will go out; 

but if it smolders

and it hides,

sound will be feeble

and not at all a shout.


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  1. ANGER – In simha-āsana, exhalation is through the mouth producing a sound that has to be like the roar of a lion. In my experience as a teacher I have seen people who harboured anger, of which they were fully aware, emitting sounds so powerful to intimidate almost as a lion would. In this case the technique becomes a pleasant outlet. On the contrary, people with a strong tendency to repress their anger can hardly make a sound. They usually have the impression that their voice is completely blocked.
    The physiological link of the liver with the tongue, which in simha-āsana is pushed outwards, and the psychosomatic relationship of the liver with anger, validate this link between the pose and expression of anger on the energetic level.

    WARNINGS: psychosomatics values are to be taken into consideration once you have eliminated any mechanical or physiological cause for the same disease. The same values can vary according to personal experiences.

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