Energies for your future!

«Like a house protecting one from the heat of the sun, Hatha Yoga protects its practitioners from the burning heat of the three Tapas; and, similarly, it is the supporting tortoise, as it were, for those who are constantly devoted to the practice of Yoga» (Hathayoga-Pradīpikā, I.10)

The word tapas derives from the Sanskrit root tap which means to burn, to shine, to suffer for a pain and to consume with fire. Fire, while consuming therefore causing pain, removes dirt, sterilises, and at the same time gives a new form, as in the case of gold or metal. The origin of the term must thus be found in the process of heating at high temperatures. As the raw gold material is purified from the waste in order to obtain pure gold, so the filthiness of the body and mind is removed to create a new, purer individual. That’s why tapas is translated as austerity and self-discipline. Discipline without discrimination and measure, however,  brings the risk of burning, that’s why you need hatha-yoga wisdom to get good results.

Now, Mars gives you great energy, Taurus, but you have to know how to use it with intelligence. Otherwise this energy will become just a surplus, which will be wasted in arguments, quarrels and risks of burning for too much self-confidence. Relationships with your partner could be affected, given Venus square too. But if you stop to consider the needs of your partner and friends and show understanding, then Venus will only be felt on its bright side, that is a tendency to indulge in pleasures, but without causing troubles. In short, relationships success depends on you, as well as your general future success! Uranus has definitively entered Taurus and in the next seven years all those born in this sign will see some great revolutions sooner or later. So use your energies to the fullest by exploiting Saturn and Pluto position, that ask you to build your future now.

Learn to control and direct your energy with these exercises:

Makara-āsana, crocodile pose. Stop and think before acting, so that you won’t end in crocodile tears! Relax your whole body and calm your mind. It helps you calm down and clear your mind. // 2 – 4 min.

Mālā-āsana, garland pose. Stop a moment. Be patient. Think. // 1-2 min.

Concentration. Relax in a meditative position. Take some time to relax all the muscles. Observe your breath, observe the state of your mind. Try to be aware of all the sensations of your body, especially those related to touch: the pressure of your legs and buttocks on the ground; the touching of your clothes on your shoulders and on your abdomen, the warmth of your hands touching each other and the legs; the coolness of bare skin touched by the air; etc. Go on seeking for tactile sensations. // From 5 to 15 min.

TOTAL TIME: from 8 to 21 minutes.

MANTRA of the MONTH: «Be careful where you direct your energies».