Spanda – throbbing  

«The particular emanations of the Spanda that begin with the Gunas and that acquire their existence resorting to the generic Spanda never can hinder the one who has realized his essential nature» (Spanda-kārikā, 1.19).

Even more than last month I dive into the tantric śivaism for you, Gemini. Spanda, which means “vibration”, “pulsation”, or simply “movement”, is the name of a school of Kashmiri śivaism according to which «the ultimate reality of the manifested world is nothing other than the dynamism assumed by the sovereign game and absolutely free of God, Śiva: everything is pervaded by His pulsating energy» (Wikipedia).

The idea of a pulsating energy suits well to your October. If September is synonymous with reorganization, October is generally the actual beginning of all activities. There is an excited air of movement and preparation for winter. You too move and it is good that you do it. It is the right time to enroll in a new course, a new physical activity where you meet other people and you can have exchanges.


Ardha chandra-āsana, half moon pose. 

In general, lateral bending is a symbol of mobility and dynamism. Take two minutes each morning to perform this āsana and start the day with the best intentions.

Awareness exercise:

What happens in your mind when you meet a new person? When you happen to get to know someone new this month, that same evening, meditate for 5/10 minutes trying to remember all the sensations, the emotions you felt, the thoughts that emerged.

Mantra of the month: