The Hero’s journey



h. 10.00


After the two seminars on Goddesses in Every Woman and Gods in Every Man, we conclude the triptych of archetypes with Dr. Erica Perbellini, psychologist and psychotherapist, with a meeting that brings together the nuances of male and female in a journey that is the one of the Human Being.

So we will use the yoga practice to represent a real journey, the journey of inner evolution. Physical work will help to understand and get better into the personalities and life stages described by Dr. Perbellini. The final meditation will serve to collect the impressions and close the circle of the path.

«Every stage of life, every crucial passage, is marked by the activation of precise archetypes. From birth to death, from childhood to old age, from adolescence to maturity, every aspect of our life can be brought to awareness, explored, lived and realized thanks to the support of the Phenomenological Approach and Archetypical Theory. Our moments of change, of inner transformation, of psychological death of a part of us, are nothing more than a passage from the influence of one archetype to another, and often coincide with the crucial phases of life (going to live alone , change jobs, get married, etc.)» (taken from the website Il viaggio dell’Eroe)

The workshop will be held at  Casa M.Fiorentina Suore Missionarie Comboniane Via Monte Ortigara.
Duration of the workshop: 2h.30 min – from 10.00 to 12.30 
COST: 25€.
15% of the proceeds will be donated to the Comboni Missionary Sisters. 

For booking: info@gildagiannoni.com