Kshama – forgiveness

«If indeed thou hast a craving for liberation shun sense-objects from a good distance as thou wouldst do poison and always cultivate carefully the nectar-like virtues of contentment, compassion, forgiveness, straight-forwardness, calmness and self-control» (Viveka Chudamani, 82).

Kshama is forgiveness and patience. I liked the idea that the text specifies precisely the forgiveness of insults and advises self-control and contentment. Nothing new and special in fact in the yoga field, but this month it seems to me that they suit you in a particular way.

In fact you could start the month quite nervously, Leo. You may feel challenged by people or events. If the challenges hit some weak point, something you’ve always experienced as an injustice, you might just get mad at it. I would say that the greatest risk is the first ten days of the month, after which you’ll relax and get to Christmas feeling really happy. I would spread this enthusiasm to those close to you, those who love you and understand you for better or for worse. A new person who seems to be in great harmony of soul could then not turn out to be such («shun sense-objects from a good distance as thou wouldst do poison») and so you would end up getting angry again.


Suptavira-āsana,  sleeping hero pose

Stay a hero, but capable of humility. Try this pose every night thinking about who has offended you.

Awareness exercise

Do you happen to feel bored by the people around you? Or to feel misunderstood? Whenever it happens, think about whether you know and understand the most intimate and secret aspects of these people and think if you can sometimes be boring to them.

Mantra of the month

«Oṃ kṣamāyai namaḥ».

(Kshama is also the name of one of the 64 goddesses following Durga).