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Dharmika – jugglar  

«The person who follows the principles of dharma, and engages others in doing so also, is called virtuous» (Sri Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu, 2.1.126).

The Sanskrit language is so curious. Dharmika comes from dharma and in fact is translated as “virtuous” in the above verse. According to the Puranas the dharmikas are those who will go to heaven. On the other hand they are the devotees and the the hatha-yoga pose that represents them is the classic position of prostration present in many religions. Every excess becomes negative though, so dharmika can be a “judge” but a “bigot” too. Anyway the most curious translation is dharmika can as a “juggler”. It must be difficult manoeuvring among various duties, fulfilling the dharma, without mastering that art of keeping everything up!

This is how it is for you this month, Virgin. You seem to struggle to hold all the pins in your hand like a juggler. Try it anyway! There will be a bit of frenzy, but relationships with people are good and there are also good opportunities to achieve a lot, despite any obstacles. You will arrive at Christmas tired, but satisfied and you will be able to enjoy your holidays in harmony.


Dharmika-āsana, devotion pose

How could I not give you this pose? At least it will serve as a rest between one commitment and another. Hold it every night for two minutes.

Awareness exercise

Do you have the habit of using a notebook? Try to do it for these 25 days before Christmas. Mark everything to do, every idea that comes, every inspiration. If you really can’t do it all this month, with the notes you’ll have material to work on in the new year!

Mantra of the month

«I juggle».