Svara – your own flow

«The favourable flow of the swarm grants capability to an incapable person whereas it (an unfavourable svara) makes even a capable person incapable. Since all living entities are bound by the reaction of their karma, one should act according to one’s svara» (Śiva Svarodaya, 99).

The svarodaya-vijnāna is the “knowledge of good fortune resulting from the passage of air through the nostrils”. It is a divinatory technique that observes the flow of the breath to predict events and luck. The practice presupposes an active part too: you can change and influence the future by modifying the respiratory flow.

Since the beginning of the year I keep telling you that this is your year, that what you do now can be crucial for your future success, that it is the best time to lay the foundations for it. Nothing new for September, if not the fact that a beautiful sun in trine creates a favorable climate for you to work peacefully and stay positive and who knows, maybe it even gives you some opportunities. So act according to your flow, but adjust the flow in a way that is favorable to you!


Anuloma-viloma prānāyāma, breathing with alternate nostrils

There is no better technique for becoming aware, balancing and learning to direct the flow of the breath at will. Practice 3 to 10 cycles (one cycle equals two breaths) whenever you can.

Awareness exercise

Set up moments of awareness throughout the day. For example, you can set 5 alarms at five different times of the day. When they play, observe your breathing, see if it is calm and regular or if it is altered.

Mantra of the month 

«I direct my flow to what is favorable».