Dvesha – aversion

«One should never think in terms of friendship or enmity. Being free from (this idea) of friend and foe, in between the brahma bhava, or nature of supreme consciousness, blooms» (Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, 126).

Dvesha is in the Yoga-sutras one of the kleshas, or rather the miseries that afflict human being. Dvesha is both the aversion you feel towards what you do not like, and the aversion you arouse in others, therefore in general antipathy, hostility, hatred, being an enemy.

There are people who turn against you and people who love you and defend you. Everyday life is all about trying to find a peace agreement (interior or exterior) with the former and not neglecting the latter; in containing the damage (psychic or material) that the former can unconsciously inflict on you and find comfort in the latter. Work on this game, Aquarius, don’t worry about mistakes, be nice to everyone and maybe this month you can change some of your detractors’ minds.


Vakra ardha chakra-āsana, half wheel rotation pose

A disposition in all senses: opening the heart, courage, leaving space for those around you. Try it every day for one minute on each side.

Awareness exercise

Accepting the game of life is the hardest challenge. For this month, whenever you find it difficult to accept, smile, think everything like a game.

Mantra of the month

«An agreement»