Kshama – indulgent 

«Arjava means maintaining equanimity by engaging in positive actions and refraining from negative actions, kshama is the tolerance of what is pleasant or unpleasant, dhriti is the firmness of determination under any circumstances» (Sandilya Upanishad, 1.1).

You’ve been working hard all year, Taurus. You’ve had accolades for this and now you may have some disappointments too. On the other hand, disappointment depends on expectations and the more you have built, the more you can feel discouraged or think that you could have done differently on some occasions. Since you do not lack energy, take the good side of all this: a reflection on the direction to take or that you have already taken, the adjustment of the course even by a few degrees if necessary, the awareness that growth and evolution also need errors.

In essence, be indulgent with yourself, that is, do not blame yourself and above all take what is pleasant. There is no need to stop, you still have all the planets that push you to create the future you want, stay determined!


Adity-āsana, Adity pose

Adity is the mother of the gods. It symbolizes love, tolerance towards his children and therefore towards oneself. Work in this position for a minute or two every day.

Awareness exercise

There is a fine line between indulgence and laziness. Whenever you decide to take a moment for yourself, observe which side he is on.

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