Gandhana – perseverance

«The devotees enjoy riches due to their personal efforts and through the grace of God, but mainly through their own patience and perseverance » (Rig Veda 1.138.3).

Remember this verse, Capricorn? I mentioned it for you in March 2020. At the time, I encouraged you to persevere a little longer. Now, I am writing this because you have reached the stage where you “enjoy riches”.

Finally a fully positive month, Capricorn. You can enjoy your well-deserved holidays after so much effort. It’s time to enjoy the affections, after some sad separations. You may indulge in a few vices and satisfy a few whims after so much austerity. Obviously, do not lose sight of your goal, which is to establish a lifestyle that is generally better. It is not about enjoying without thinking about the consequences, but about finding the pleasure of calm after the storm.


Capricorn Horoscope August 2021

Siddha-āsana, perfect pose

Sit like this for five minutes whenever you can. Without doing anything, in mere contemplation.

Awareness exercise

Every night before going to sleep, think for a moment about what you did during the day. Have you been well? But above all, is what you have done useful to establish a more peaceful life day after day?

Mantra of the month

«I’m at peace».