Dūra – far

«May my mind, that travel too far, which is the light of the lights, the only source of all wisdom, wandering in far-off places whether I sleep or awake, turn to what is noble» (Yajur-veda, 34.1)

You don’t need to go too far, Sagittarius, not physically. But you need to direct yourself towards what is noble, which is inner fulfillment. In fact, you should get away from worldliness and superficiality at least for a while.

Have you ever thought about spending a few days alone? A little vacation, a short trip, a moment of introspection. There are aspects of yourself that you need to work on if you don’t want to keep repeating the same mistakes or sink into the quagmire of remorse and regret. Evolution is tiring, but it must be faced if you want to live fully. If you really can’t isolate yourself for a few days or go away, at least take time for some reading. Look for some new topic of study not to mention a space for meditation. You will surely have the excuse of too many things to do or laziness, but remember this advice when you get nervous or go through a crisis.


Sagittarius Horoscope August 2021

Kurma-āsana, turtle pose

To immerse yourself in yourself.

Awareness exercise

Take three minutes every day, just three minutes of silence and stillness to understand how you feel, how your body is, how your mind is, if you breathe quietly or in an agitated manner. Three minutes a day to observe yourself.

Mantra of the month

«Evolve inwardly».

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