Ritu – season

«O brāhmaṇa, in the forest groves the divine couple enjoy many different pastimes with Their associates, pastimes appropriate to the different times and seasons» (Sanatkumara Samhita, 230).

Until mid-September you can still enjoy that peace I told you about in August, Capricorn. You deserve it all. But nothing lasts forever: the seasons change, summer gives way to autumn and the sun becomes less and less hot. After the middle of the month, when activities and duties resume, you will feel nervous. The idea of ​​getting busy after you have finally tried relaxation does not excite you at all. On the other hand, each season requires its activities and pastimes.

Instead of yelling at who or what asks you to be active, find ways to act in a relaxed manner. It is the secret of karma yoga and perhaps it is the secret of life!


Capricorn Horoscope September 2021

Prn-āsana, leaf pose

Someone knows him as bala-āsana, the child. It is the position of autumn, since it gives the idea of ​​a fallen leaf. At the same time it is very pleasant and relaxing for the back.

Awareness exercise

Whenever you feel like you need to speed up, stop for a moment and take two deep breaths. Think about whether it is really necessary to run or whether the same action can be performed more calmly

Mantra of the month

«Action in relaxation».