Hotra – offering 

«When he who knows this offers Agnihotra to prana, his oblations are poured out in all worlds, in all beings and in all Atman. As the tow placed on the fire burns completely, so are all the negative reactions of those who offer Agnihotra with this knowledge consumed. And therefore for him also the act of offering his leftover food to a chandala becomes an offering to Vaisvanara Atman, the sacred fire of the Self. All beings are servants of Agnihotra, just as hungry children gather around their mother» (Chandogya Upanishad, 5.24.1-5).

A hotra, sometimes hotrā, is anything that is fit to be offered as an oblation, it indicates a sacrifice, in particular that which is related to the sacrifice of fire, Agnihotra in fact. In Agnihotra what is usually offered is ghee, clarified butter.

What do the people offer you, Gemini? You would do well to look around and observe them, because they probably offer you a lot more than you think. Maybe you will feel like you see obstacles and people going against you, but what if the obstacles were only within you? Are you sure you are looking at people for who they are and not as shadows of people or events that have happened to you in the past?


Gemini Horoscope September 2021

Agnisara-kriyā, purification of fire

You cannot receive if you are not pure, not only in the belly, but in the mind (the abdomen is the seat of emotions).

Mindfulness exercise

Take two minutes each evening at sunset to listen to the mantra listed below.

Mantra of the month

«Agnihotra mantra».

(sunset version).