Gup – to hide

«This Siddhāsana is performed also by placing the left heel on Meḍhra (above the male organ), and then placing the right one on it. Some call this Siddhāsana, some Vajrāsana. Others call it Mukta āsana or Gupta āsana» (Hathayoga-Pradīpikā, I.39-40).

Many of my students are horrified when I explain the different variations of siddha-āsana. The pose changes its name depending on the position of the scrotum (at the time of the hatha-yoga texts the practice was designed for males). In some cases it is placed on top of the two overlapping heels (mukta = free), in others it is located between one heel and the other or under both heels, therefore hidden (gupta), but also crushed. It doesn’t actually seem like such a pleasant position. For women, the problem obviously does not exist, but they can still experience the different position of the heels: one on top of the other, one in front of the other. The heels in any case hide the genitals.

Hiding isn’t always good. For example, you, Leo, with pride you hide discouragement, but be careful of what you hide: by repressing emotions, you put your own health at risk and you risk appearing arrogant in the eyes of others.


Leo Horoscope September 2021

Siddha-āsana, perfect pose

Try the different variations and find the one that’s right for you.

Awareness exercise

Every evening take five minutes to think about the day and remember every moment where, out of politeness, etiquette, gallantry or pride or shyness or fear you hid what you really felt.

Mantra of the month


(In order to avoid the gupta, constantly remember that you can stay in the position where you are not crushed!)