Ahamkāra – pride

«It is very easy to remove this Ahaṃkāra. Within the time taken in the squeezing of a flower or the twinkling of an eye, this Ahaṃkāra can be easily eradicated» (Laghuyoga-vasistha, 10).

Ahamkāra is studied in Yoga and Samkhya schools as that part of the mind that makes me perceive the sense of I, the fact that I feel myself. The term is also often translated as “arrogance”, “pride”, “presumption”, “pride”. These words all represent a condition in which the sense of self, essential to survive, undergoes inflation and becomes the protagonist of the mind beyond measure. This generates suffering due to expectations and the separation between the rest of the world it creates.

You have more faith in life, Libra. You feel that you now have a stable base to progress in work and life. The risk with this beautiful renewed confidence is an ego inflation, for which you stand at the head of everyone too sure of yourself. Luckily a beautiful Venus in conjunction not only gives you that base, but helps you sweep this ego out in the time of squeezing a flower!


Libra Horoscope September 2021

Dharmika-āsana, devotion pose

A position that teaches humility and reminds you to be grateful for everything you have and live. 

Awareness exercise

When does trust turn into illusion? When does security turn into arrogance? And when, on the contrary, mistrust becomes depression and shyness or humility appear as insecurity and unpreparedness? Observe if during the day you experience one of the extreme emotions, think of the beautiful Venus and resize them to live a serene trust and security.

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