Prārabdha – destiny

«At the time of questioning, if the earth tattva is active, then know that disease is the the result of prarabdha karma (destiny). If the water element is active, disease is due to an imbalance of the doshas. In the fire element it is due to a disturbance of Goddess Shaking or an ancestral fault» (Śiva-svarodaya, 315).

September begins with a lot of nervousness that leads you to wonder if you are pursuing the right path, especially at work. Someone gets in the way of you and your ambition and you feel deprived of something. It is something that has already been experienced in the past, the feeling that your goal is being stolen or pushed away due to an unfair destiny. But are you really sure it’s fate’s fault? Could it be due to your inner imbalance? Or something that is called karmic in yoga (an attitude that repeats itself and that leads you to the usual consequences)?


Sagittarius Horoscope September 2021

Utkaka-āsana, powerful posture

To keep you firmly on the ground.

Awareness exercise

How do you know if the earth, water or fire element is active? Check your attitudes with others, your reactions. Are you capable of listening, firm, steady and thoughtful? Or does the thought takes you far to conjectures that have little to do with reality? Or do you immediately get inflamed by everything they say to you with strong and uncontrolled reactions?

Mantra of the month

«Open to possibilities».