Anusthana – practice

«From practicing the component exercises of yoga, when impurity has been destroyed, spiritual illumination arises, which evolves into awareness of Reality» (Yoga-sūtra, II.2).

The word anusthana means “performance”, “execution”, “practice”. In the field of yoga it refers to the practice of spiritual discipline, made up of various moments and elements: from meditation to behavior to even diet. It is a right combination of habits and techniques that leave the body vigorous but not tired, the mind alert but not stressed, the spirit calm but not indolent.

You start the month with a good sprint, Taurus. You are proactive and do not shrink from what needs to be done. Maybe you do too much that towards the middle of the month your energy begins to drop and you just want to rest and indulge in laziness. If you define your limits and find the middle way with the right discipline, you will keep your energy high. It is important because it is months (maybe years) in which you can advance quite a lot in various areas of your life..


Taurus Horoscope September 2021

Tulita-āsana, scale pose 

To exercise inner balance.

Awareness exercise

Take ten minutes at the end of each week. Sit in a meditative posture and think about what you did during the week. Are you tired, satisfied? Could you have done more or less? What does not satisfy you? What gives you satisfaction? 

Mantra of the month 

«Katà metrón»

(it was a saying of the Greeks, it means “the right measure”).