Anusandhāna – planning

«Knowledge, Volition, Decision, Application and Self-Assertion are the functions of the inner senses, which are variants of Ākāśa.» (Triśikhibrāhma upanishad, 1.6).

According to some interpretations, anushandhana is a function of the citta, the mind. In particular, anusandhana is the ability of the citta to carry out what the buddhi, the intellect, the reasoning part, has decided. The interesting aspect of the verse is that the ākāśa, the intangible space, is what to meditate on to obtain determination, assertion and self-esteem.

It’s a good month to review old beliefs and definitely start with the new one, especially within you, Aquarius. Jupiter gives you the opportunity to reinvent yourself and it is up to you to understand what to keep of the old yourself and what to let go to make room for a new way of thinking and being. The calm of a good part of the month will allow you to better understand which direction to look at and above all which direction to take.


Aquarius Horoscope October 2021

Supta vira āsana, reclined hero

The warrior can rest, relax the body in a pose that is beneficial for the organs, so as to be able to act in full shape as soon as the time comes.

Awareness exercise

Think about your desires and divide them into small constituent parts. Everything can be reduced to something smaller. Find the first part of each. Here is a good starting point for your month.

Mantra of the month


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