Kshanti – forbearance

« Excellent Brāhmaṇas worship you as Gāyatrī with Oṃkāra as her face. Kings of very great power (will worship you) as Ūrjitā (‘having great power and potentiality’) and bestower of strength. Vaiśyas worship (you) as Bhūti (‘prosperity’). Similarly, O splendid one, Śūdras worship as Śivā.

You are Kṣānti (‘forbearance’) of the sages, which cannot be agitated. You are Dayā (mercy) of those who have holy observances and restraints» (C).

Kshanti is forgiveness, tolerance, equanimity. In Jainism it refers to “renouncing anger and other passions and maintaining an attitude of forgiveness” (from Trisastisalakapurusacaritra).

Have you ever delved into the meaning of forgiveness? There is a vast literature on this, because in psychology, but also in yoga philosophy, forgiveness is something much more complex and articulated than what you may think. First of all, it implies a deep knowledge of yourself. What you impute to others actually implies your part in the game as well. Reflect on these words when you face the nervousness of the first half of the month and who knows if they already act in the second, leading you to better understand people and live a more relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.


Cancer Horoscope October 2021

Uttana tada-āsana, extended mountain

It  is the act of being with open arms. Observe how you react.

Awareness exercise

The Sanskrit word kshanti is very similar to shanti, which means peace. As long as you don’t forgive you don’t actually find peace. Every night sit for 5 minutes and repeat the mantra recommended below. Don’t think anything, just repeat.

Mantra of the month 

«Shanti shanti shantihi».