Shalabha – grasshopper

«Lie down on the ground, prone, with your hands at chest height, pointing to the palms of your hands, raise your feet by a span. The Indra among the silent ones call this posture shalabha»(Gheranda-samhitā, 2.39).

Shalabha is usually translated as locust, grasshopper, but also indicates a moth and more generally a flying insect. I am thinking of the locust, Gemini, by association of ideas with butterflies and with the fact of jumping from one flower to another, from one place to another.

You feel fit, optimistic, and you value the ideas that are buzzing in your head. This optimism could lead you to value a relationship as more valuable than it actually is. This is not the time for serious relationships, perhaps it would be better to just enjoy what happens, even at the cost of “fluttering” a little, rather than investing in something that may not necessarily be lasting, however fascinating at the moment. Positivity and optimism, on the other hand, are excellent investments in the workplace or in growth experiences.


Gemini Horoscope October 2021

Shalabha-āsana, locust pose

Like butterflies, it can easily jump from place to place.

Mindfulness exercise

At least once or twice a week, sit in a meditative position and focus on a situation you are experiencing. Consider the realistic aspects and the ones you build with your mind, the actual potentials and the illusory ones.

Mantra of the month

«A conscious game».

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