Maitri – friendship 

«(By samyama) on friendliness and so forth, (corresponding) powers» (Yoga-sūtra, 3.23).

In Vyasa’s ancient commentary on the Yoga-sutras, in verse 3.23 we read: «Friendship or cordiality, compassion and joy are the three feelings. Of these, with the feeling of friendship / cordiality towards all happy creatures, one acquires the strength of cordiality». The same, the text then continues, applies to compassion and joy. With bhāvanā, or the cultivation of the three feelings, samadhi, or spiritual realization, is also achieved.

Do you believe in the strength of friendship, Leo? A true friend is by your side in the time of need, he does not judge you and he does not condemn you, but he clearly tells you where you went wrong and what you are deluding yourself for. Of course, it is often difficult to listen and accept: no matter how much advice others give you, you still have to get there on your own! But the comfort of a friend is always beneficial and sooner or later you will come to understand what he/she advised you. In short, Leo, entrust yourself to the friends who remain and let go of those who go.


Leo Horoscope October 2021

Vrisha-āsana, bull poste

Sit quietly, perhaps at a table with friends. Listen and meditate. The position itself brings you calm.

Awareness exercise

Are you able to listen? Do a little exercise every night: think back to a loved one who talked to you during the day, mentally repeat what he/she said to you.

Mantra of the month

«I listen carefully»

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