Artha – goal

«As people engage in acts that they make desires to cease, so does the undeveloped principle (prakriti) for the liberation of the soul» (Sāmkhya-kārikā, 58).

Artha as material well-being is one of the four main purposes of existence along with pleasure, duty and liberation. As a word, however, it also simply means “reason”, “motive”, “purpose”, “objective”.

You must take advantage of times like these, Libra. Evaluate every offer, stay open to every proposal. It’s time to build your new year, as well as your next twelve years! Jupiter in fact marks the cycle of the dozen, but it is with what you build now that you can make this cycle fertile. What better time then than your own birthday, which is your personal New Year’s Eve? Good intentions, intentions and wills: these are the watchwords!


Libra Horoscope October 2021

Garuda-āsana, eagle pose

Focused and with sharp senses!  

Mindfulness exercise

What would you like to receive from life for your birthday? Sit down and meditate: what do you do to help life give you this gift?

Mantra of the month

«Help yourself and heaven will help you»

(folkloristic, but still effective!). 


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