Sakshin – aware

«He will meditate in pure Atman without aberrations, on me the great Atman, the Sākshin of Brahman, the unchangeable» (Shiva-purana, 3.65).

Sakshin is the witness, the pure awareness that resides deep within every being. It is the part beyond the mind, beyond the intellect, the part that sees, that understands.

October begins and ends quite well, as your birthday will arrive later this month. The great questions of recent years remain in the background: the great upheaval in life you have had or are about to make, the existential questions that you probably asked yourself and which were at the basis of that upheaval, the impatience for a situation that you still don’t feel stable, the pride that doesn’t make you bend in admitting some weaknesses.

Cultivating awareness is already halfway to the solution …


Scorpio Horoscope October 2021

Ardha Matsyendra-āsana, sage Matsyendra pose

No one is more aware than the wise.  

Mindfulness exercise

Sit once a day for at least five minutes. Make yourself aware, no matter what: that you would like to change your position, that you don’t keep your back straight, that the mind thinks of a thousand different things. Realize what is happening inside and outside of you. Without judgment, without expectations.

Mantra of the month

«I work on awareness».

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