Purushapura – the city of the spirit

«From practicing the component exercises of yoga, when impurity has been destroyed, spiritual illumination arises, which evolves into awareness of Reality» (Yoga-sūtra, II.2).

I always try to avoid using Buddhist texts, because although closely related to yoga, Buddhism has another life and another history and above all a vast philosophy and literature. Yoga also has a wide range of philosophy and literature and one cannot be an expert on everything. That said, Purushapura is not a general term, but the specific name of a city, which today is called Peshawar and is located in Pakistan. This city, it is said, was the springboard for the expansion of Buddhism into Afghanistan, parts of Iran, Central Asia and further north and east.

Why am I telling you about it? Well the trine of Uranus and Pluto brings you to the changes that you have perhaps longed for and which are fundamental for your personal and professional expansion. With great calm, this aspect passes through all decades, but on the other hand, for great changes you need calm and reflection. In the meantime, instead of wasting time on trivial matters, focus your mental energies on building the springboard, from which, once the change is complete, you can take flight. You won’t be building it in just four days, so it’s good to get started now!


Taurus Horoscope October 2021

Utphāla-āsana, the great jump pose

For the springboard …

Awareness exercise

Each night, take five minutes to sit in silence and think about the things you have done during the day to build your future. Perhaps there are aspects that you do not consider, which are as important as others that seem more evident to you …

Mantra of the month 

«I continue to build».