Kāma – love

«Shastra rules can be applied as long as man’s passion is average, but as soon as the wheel of love is set in motion, neither Shastra nor rules are valid» (Kama-sūtra, 2.2).

Have you ever thought about how much love counts in your life? Capricorns are generally ambitious and aim high, focused on their goals. So they tend to think that peace of mind is the achievement of objectives or the “disposal” of things to do, things that weigh. Sometimes Capricorn tend to forget how essential love is in instilling tranquility. Well this month reminds it to you well and also gives you the proofs to affirm that it is a truth for you too, as for everyone. Provided, of course, that you open yourself up to love, that you look at it and let yourself be looked at!


Capricorn Horoscope November 2021

Kusuma-āsana, open flower pose

Find the right balance and stay open to love.   

Mindfulness exercise

How many times do you close the door to love? How many times do you neglect a gesture of affection? Do you really consider it superfluous or inappropriate or is there an underlying fear? Observe yourself when such an episode happens to you.

Mantra of the month

«I open myself to love»

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