Sādhana – to act for a purpose

«As a man does his utmost to satisfy a desire, so the unmanifest (prakriti) is activated in order to achieve the goal of Purusha» (Sāmkhya-kārikā, 58).

A few days ago the second episode of my new podcast “The Yoga-sutras explained step by step” came out. There I also speak of sādhana. The word comes from the root sādh, “to reach the goal”, so sādhana is “a means to accomplish something”. In general, sādhana is a discipline undertaken in pursuit of a goal.

Use the first few days of the month to set up all of November’s work, Gemini. Is there any project you have kept in your drawer for some time? A resolution that you keep putting off? Clarify your ideas and plan what to do. Work on it all month and in the end you take into account what you have achieved, perhaps you will realize that you have moved much and in a positive sense without even having really wanted it.


Gemini Horoscope November 2021

Dhanur-āsana, bow pose

It determines the intention that is projected into the future.

Mindfulness exercise

Observe yourself in your daily actions, as you carry out your project: do you work for ambition or because you feel that it is right to do what you do?

Mantra of the month

«To accomplish something».

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