Dhairyatā – calmness

«The purfication is acquired by the regular performance of  six practices (shatkarman); āsana or posture gives Driddhāta or strenght; Mudrā gives Sthiratā or steadiness; Pratyāhāra gives Dhairyatā or calmness».  (Gheranda-Samhitā, 1.10).

The nature of Pisces is not that of struggle and if you have found yourself struggling, Pisces, you will have felt so far off track, maybe even lost. You can finally give up the fight and return to yourself. If there is something unsolved it will be resolved. Considering that the unsolved is perhaps more interior than exterior, the only way to resolve the interior is to find peace and tranquility of mind. This month gives you the opportunity, don’t waste it!


Pisces Horoscope November 2021

Kurma-āsana, turtle pose

The symbolic position of pratyāhāra.

Mindfulness exercise

Do you know the pratyāhāra? It involves taking a few minutes in a sitting position (it can also be done standing up) and trying to isolate yourself from the rest of the world. It means trying not to be disturbed by sounds, smells, images. A bit like when you no longer notice the buzz of the fridge at home. Try to estrange yourself from all sounds. How to do? The key is to not care !!

Mantra of the month

«My quiet»

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