Anusandhāna – planning

«Knowledge, Volition, Decision, Application and Self-Assertion are the functions of the inner senses, which are variants of Ākāśa.» (Triśikhibrāhma upanishad, 1.6).

According to some interpretations, anushandhana is a function of the citta, the mind. In particular, anusandhana is the ability of the citta to carry out what the buddhi, the intellect, the reasoning part, has decided. The interesting aspect of the verse is that the ākāśa, the intangible space, is what to meditate on to obtain determination, assertion and self-esteem.

Throughout the month you continue to work well, Virgo. Your plans work and if you have any doubts or fears from time to time, keep looking forward instead of backward. Looking back has the only effect of blocking or discouraging you. It is not worth it, also because if someone happens to criticize you, it is easy for you to charge the criticism with an extremely negative value, much more than it actually has and this because of memories, experiences that today however no longer apply.


Virgo Horoscope November 2021


Garuda-āsana, eagle pose

Focus on your goals, without fear.

Mindfulness exercise

Whenever you receive criticism, remember to take a couple of deep breaths and observe your reaction. Where does your mind go?

Mantra of the month

«I look forward».

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