Gilda Giannoni


As a yoga-therapy expert, with well-established knowledge of anatomy, psychology and philosophy, I can help you on a path of personal well-being and growth, designed especially for you.


In my twenty years of teaching experience I have helped many people to alleviate and often resolve:

physical diseases (es.mal back, osteoarthritis, visual problems)
psychosomatic disorders (eg digestive problems, insomnia, headache)
psychic diseases (eg depression, anxiety, low self-esteem)

Even those who were not affected by particular disorders found:

improvements in posture
self-esteem and self-confidence
more calm and serenity
performance improvement for sportsmen
greater concentration and will.


I have always felt that to be a good yoga teacher and, even more, to know how to apply yoga on a functional level, five ingredients are needed:

observation capacity

Working for many years with people has allowed me to develop a ready observation capacity that, combined with empathy and skills, led me to recognise the base of the problem and to face it with a delicate approach, respectful of  personal time of reaction and assimilation.

Read an example of how psychosomatics works in yoga poses or how yoga philosophy and practice can be applied to improve everyday life.


Functional yoga for disorders treatment is not a passive practice, as a massage can be. It is not something that is received, but something that is learned. There is therefore a need for an active and proactive attitude on the part of the practitioner.

As a teacher, however, I can always be present and guide you step by step in a path of well-being and personal growth. You can choose to practice on a regular basis with a certain frequency of meetings, which we can arrange together.


If you are looking only for advice or a way to be independent, then I can teach you techniques that you can practice peacefully alone.

A minimum of three meetings are generally advisable to ensure the correct assignment, execution and understanding of the techniques. When you want to change practices, you can always re-contact me to review the work schedule.


The lessons can be held in different locations and, if the topic to be treated allows it, via Skype.

At the moment I receive mainly in Verona, where I live. Since I often move between various cities in Italy and abroad, do not hesitate to contact me to see if there is availability in your area.


WRITE FOR AN APPOINTMENT TO: segreteria@yogamarga.it