Balavat – vehement 

«O Krishna, because the mind is by nature restless, powerful, obstinate and capable of completely overpowering the intelligence, body and senses, it seems as difficult to control as the wind» (Bhagavad-gītā, 6.34).

In the verse above balavat is translated as powerful, but the entire verse conveys the idea of ​​what the specific term means. Balavat  can be translated as “predominant”, “to take over”, “vigorous”, “more important”, “in a high degree”, “in possession of power”, “strong”, “intense”, “dense” ( of the darkness) and of course “vehement” or “vehemently”.

It is as if in the middle of the month you wake up from a hypnotic state of a very long reflection, Cancer, which has made you more sensitive to others and to the world of fantasy and creativity. This sudden awakening can make you vehement: now you want to do, you want to decide in practice, you want to talk, you want to take over. This could lead to conflicts with those around you. Keep arrogance in check, try to stay calm at Christmas and make good resolutions for the new year: on New Year’s Eve the right mood will help you see good prospects for the future.


Ugra maha vira-āsana, great terrible hero pose

Can you vent your desire to dominate here, so that you are calmer with others? Seeing and feeling you become aware of yourself. Work on it every day for one minute on each side.

Awareness exercise

Whenever you want to dominate someone, imagine if that person suddenly does the āsana that I recommended to you above. How would you react? Laughing or would you be afraid or would you just be stunned? Everyone has the right to affirm himself and you must respect it.

Mantra of the month

«I’m smarter than my own mind».